A New Way to Use Old Greeting Cards

Do you save birthday cards that you receive? Or mother’s day cards? Or father’s day cards? Maybe even get-well cards? If someone sends me a card, I like to keep it, because, well, you know — someone took the time to send me a card.

If you have accumulated greeting cards and would like to do something with them, you might want to consider making a collage.

Here’s how:

1. Purchase a 5×7 or an 8×10 picture frame with glass (or a larger frame, if desired).

2. Cut out the pictures from the greeting cards.

3. Glue the pictures onto a piece of cardstock, poster board or other heavy paper cut to fit the frame. Cover the paper with pictures. Experiment with different arrangements before you glue them down.

4. Display the collage on a coffee table or end table or hang it on the wall. Greeting card collages also could be given as gifts to family and friends. A “Happy Birthday” greeting card collage would be a unique way to say “Happy Birthday!” to someone you love. A “Get Well” collage would be a unique way to tell someone you love that you are sending them get-well wishes for a speedy recovery.

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