Colorful Summer

LeAnn posted this blog on Thursday, July 8th, 2010 at 12:34 am

The other night when Randy was showing me how to do different tasks with my new Rural Route 2 website, our little black kitty cat, Dora, was ever so helpful. She kept walking back and forth across the keyboard of my laptop. Randy finally picked up her, and she settled down across his shoulders for a nap. Dora loves to lay across our shoulders, and she often falls asleep on her perch.

The flowers I planted earlier this summer are really taking off. I have a variety of petunias (purple, white, red-and-white candy stripes)

My red tabby tom, Gilligan, loves to help with weeding the garden and with whatever I’m doing around the yard. I have to be careful weeding the garden because he thinks it is so much fun to help that the likes to flop on my garden plants

And then there’s the new rose bushes I planted on the bank where the power company destroyed all of my trees last year. They don’t exactly look like any kind of rose I have seen before. They look more like phlox, but the leaves look like rose leaves. The plants have nasty, wicked, vicious thorns, though. I found that out when we planted them

And then there’s my brand new Tiger Lily flowers. The granddaughter of a neighbor was selling the bulbs this spring to raise money for her elementary school to use for aquarium maintenance. I bought a variety of flower bulbs, including these Tiger Lilies. I had no idea what they would look like until one started to bloom. Breathtaking. .

The old fashioned day lilies are nearly finished blooming, surprisingly enough. Usually they start around the Fourth of July and finish in early August. This year they started blooming very early and are nearly finished now.

I am quite pleased with the progress my flowers are making. They add spots of color around the yard and are so cheerful-looking that they make me smile, even though the weather is still sweltering with highs near 90 degrees, dewpoints in the 70s and humidity almost 100 percent. As I told someone the other day: six months from we will wish we had some of this heat.

LeAnn R. Ralph

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