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LeAnn posted this blog on Monday, September 27th, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Although I know Gingersnap was not very happy about getting her picture taken when she looks so dreadful and has not grown feathers back yet from her molt, I took some pictures anyway.

Gingersnap (Fall 2010)

Gingersnap lays lovely blue green eggs. They are much larger than the pullet-sized Laverne and Shirley eggs.

Gingersnap's Blue Green eggs

Gingersnap did not want her photo taken when she looks so dreadful and kept running into the hen house to get away from the camera.

Gingersnap (Fall 2010)

Gingersnap has lost a lot of feathers during her molt, especially around her neck and wings. Tail feathers, too. Bluebell, the black and white Hamburg, is molting, too, but she did not lose nearly as many feathers as Gingersnap.

Gingersnap (Fall 2010)

Laverne and Shirley (fall 2010)

Laverne and Shirley have grown big combs and are laying eggs regularly by September of 2010.

Laverne is a friendly chicken who will actually let me pet her. I have to be careful she doesn’t follow me out of the chicken run.

Laverne (September 2010)

Mary Anne, my fluffy red and white kitty, likes to sit on the bench and watch the chickens in their run. The chickens do not seem to mind the other cats, but they find Mary Anne quite alarming.

Mary Anne (September 2010)

Morning Glories and Rugosa Roses

Although it is late September, there are still a few Morning Glories and Rugosa Roses blooming in my backyard. (2010)

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