Christmas in January

LeAnn posted this blog on Monday, January 24th, 2011 at 1:26 pm

I am shocked at how quickly the time goes. Although it seemed like it was a long ways off, it has now come and gone. Christmas, that is. And Christmas with my family, which we celebrated January 16 at our little white country church.

As I told members of my family, we have now gotten to the point where “there are too many people and not enough house.” The great-nieces and great-nephews are reaching the age of toddling and running around, and in our small house, there isn’t much room for them to run and play. So, we decided to have our Christmas celebration at the church.

Christmas in January means that we can have a reasonably good chance of all of them being able to make it for the get-together. Right at Christmas, the nieces and nephews have to juggle Christmas with their folks and their in-laws and their grandparents. It doesn’t make much sense to pile one more Christmas onto the heap so that instead of four places they have to be on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it turns into five places.

Randy used my camera and got some really good pictures of the youngsters.

My newest great niece, Isabella Mae. She was born in June. (January 2011)

My great nephew Alex is 3. He is learning how to sing songs -- and will not hesitate to tell his mom (who admits she can't sing) that she is "not singing it right." (January 2011)

My great niece Evelyn is 3. When she smiles or giggles, her whole face lights up. (January 2011)

My great nephew Asher is one year old. He has recently learned how to give kisses and is very good at it. What a little charmer! (January 2011)

My great nephew Sam is 2 years old. He likes trains. In this picture, he has a tiny chainsaw. . .

My great-nephew Trent will turn one year old in March. At Christmas on January 16, 2011, at Norton Church, he thought Randy was a suspicious character lurking around with the camera.

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