Instant Pot Chicken and Rice Recipe

LeAnn posted this blog on Friday, March 16th, 2018 at 5:44 am

We’ve all made chicken and rice on the stove or in the oven. Here’s how I make it now in the Instant Pot.

BTW – this recipe works for both frozen and thawed chicken.

Add 2 cups of water to the Instant Pot and place 4 chicken quarters on the Instant Pot trivet. Sprinkle on each piece of chicken a generous amount of Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, a dash of lemon pepper, and a generous amount of garlic salt.

Set the Instant Pot to pressure cook for 16 minutes.

After 16 minutes, let the pressure release naturally and lift the chicken out of the Instant Pot – do not take off the trivet.

Leaving all the yummy chicken broth in the pot, add 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water and 2 cups of rice to the Instant Pot.

Put the chicken (still on the trivet) back in the Instant Pot and set for 6 minutes cooking on pressure.

Let the pressure release naturally.

Enjoy an easy to make meal.

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